About us

We want the day to come when all people will be able to easily find and procure the pure and high quality Monastic products. Let as many people as possible learn orthodoxy and know the dozens of mental and material benefits that a person can have from orthodox Monasticism.

Our target

About the Market of Monastic Products

To bring products from the whole of Holy Monasteries of the Country, so that a consumer can procured the products he has seen in the Monasteries he has visited or learned about. It is a goal that we will achieve very soon.


Unique Customers

Satisfied customers

Year of Establishment 2019

The Store opened

Our mission

Provision to consumers of real products produced in the Holy Monasteries of the Country and not copies of these products.

We make sure that they are authentic since we procure them directly from the Monasteries. Always at low prices and high quality.

We ensure the Authenticity of the Products

The products we have in our store are only what the monasteries produce and come from the Monks' Ministries.

We take the products directly from the Monasteries and we are sure that they come from there.

We listen to our Customers

Many of them teach us

There are many customers that we serve and buy chronic products from Monasteries. So we also benefit from their experience and they guide us to find pure and traditional products


The Monasteries and the Cells

They are constantly increasing as time goes on.


The company is its people

We try our staff to be properly trained to help customers with what they need.

Papanastasiou Marios

Purchasing Department