News about society and the Church. The news from Mount Athos, as well as important statements by Priests of the Orthodox Faith

The smallest church in Greece

The smallest church in Greece is in Ormos tis Piraiki. The Chapel of Agios Nikolaos

Orchid Incense

Orchid Incense from the Holy Cell of the Holy Archangels, why is it so special and special?

Metropolitan of Morphou

Metropolitan of Morphou: This is the Prayer that ceases every demon

Elder Galaktia

Elder Galaktia: repentance, correction, Confession is Philopatria, after a vision she had that saw Our Lord and God Jesus Christ Himself

A Prophecy

A Prophecy that is coming true today. (video) 1 ′

The Virgin Mary appeared

The Virgin Mary appeared and asked for the repentance of the Christians 1 ′

Fire Survival Instructions

Fire Survival Instructions 1 ′. Collaborate with the Authorities. Follow the instructions. Human life above all

The Metropolitan of Morphou

The Metropolitan of Morphou faces coronavirus and 2 προκα prejudice, Panierotatos Neophytos will have to face the spasmodic reactions

The 7 most famous Virgin Marys of Pontus

The 7 most famous Virgin Marys of Pontus. A trip to the Virgin of Pontia, with photos and their History.

Funeral Sequence

Funeral Sequence Anania Kousteni. In an atmosphere of pain, crush and Love, the common people attended the Funeral Service.