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The Memory of Finding the Head

The Memorial of Finding the Head of the Holy Forerunner of the First and Second Baptist February 24.

Cheese Eater's Week

The Week of the cheese-eater or week of white fasting. What is it and why is it called that.

Psalms for protection

Psalms for protection from calamities, setbacks and misfortunes.

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the strict fasting and the custom of the Royal. September 14.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer of Saint Siluanos of Athonite

Our Father Prayer

Our Father Prayer. Words.

What are they protecting us from?

What do the Saints protect us from in the Holy Tradition of our Orthodoxy?

Recipe for Agioreitiko bread

Recipe for Agioreitiko bread. Quick guide.

The smallest church in Greece

The smallest church in Greece is in Ormos tis Piraiki. The Chapel of Agios Nikolaos

Agios Paisios the Mount Athos

Agios Paisios the Saint, celebrates July 12.


PSALM 121 for God to heal the afflicted. 1 ′

Saint Eumenios Saridakis

Saint Eumenios Saridakis celebrates May 23rd. The priest officiated at the church of Saints Anargyros Doctors Kosmas & Damianos.

How to light the coal properly

How to properly light the coal in the incense. Quick Guide 1 ′

To give courage to the god

To give courage to the unemployed and the unhappy. Psalm 38


Annunciation of the Virgin March 25. Hail Happy. On this day, the Church celebrates the joyful message of the divine incarnation.

Psalm 131 For God to have mercy on the world

Psalm 131 For God to grieve the world, when our sins cause continual wars. 1 ′

Christ the True Light

Christ the True Light. Wish to our Lord Jesus Christ.

What are the seven seals?

What are the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the seven vials in the book of Revelation?

How to read the psalter

How to read the psalter. See the brief explanation. The book of the Psalm contains all nine ode.

Psalm 93

Psalm 93 for God to enlighten the people, who create issues in the nation and upset the people.

Saint Stephen the First Martyr

Saint Stephen the First Martyr December 27. With this gift he healed the sick and proved the power of Christ.

Recipe for Agioreitika Melomakaron

Recipe for Mount Athos melomakarona. Combines perfectly with the genuine and unadulterated honey of Mount Athos.

Metropolitan of Morphou

Metropolitan of Morphou: This is the Prayer that ceases every demon

Trinitarian Megalynaria

Trinitarian Megalynaria. The Hymns to the Holy Trinity.

Prayer to Saint Judas the Thaddeus

Prayer to Saint Judas the Thaddeus.
Read the prayer for 9 days, 7 times every day.

The Decalogue of Prayer

The Decalogue of Prayer 1′. What is the right way to pray? How should we pray to reach God?

Elder Galaktia

Elder Galaktia: repentance, correction, Confession is Philopatria, after a vision she had that saw Our Lord and God Jesus Christ Himself

Psalm 51

Psalm 51 That the hardhearted lords may be gracious, and not hurt the people.

How we participate in the Litany

How we participate in the Litany of our parishes, reception of the Holy procession.

A Prophecy

A Prophecy that is coming true today. (video) 1 ′

Saint Artemios the Great Martyr

Saint Artemios the Great Martyr, the memory of October 20 is honored

The Virgin Mary appeared

The Virgin Mary appeared and asked for the repentance of the Christians 1 ′

Agios Kosmas the Aetolian

Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, also known as Patrocosmas, was a Greek Orthodox monk.

Fire Survival Instructions

Fire Survival Instructions 1 ′. Collaborate with the Authorities. Follow the instructions. Human life above all

The Metropolitan of Morphou

The Metropolitan of Morphou faces coronavirus and 2 προκα prejudice, Panierotatos Neophytos will have to face the spasmodic reactions

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15. The joy of the Virgin Mary was great, because she would meet her only Son.

The Assumption of St. Anna

The Assumption of St. Anna. She was endowed with piety, justice, humility, almsgiving, obedience to the will of God.

The Prophet Elijah

The Prophet Elijah 900 BC The first great point, given by the prophet Elijah, was that he prayed and did not rain for three and a half years.

Saint Vladimir

Saint Vladimir the Apostolic King of the Russians July 15. His life changed radically and he became a true Christian.

Psalm 21

Psalm 21 In order that God may prevent the fire from becoming evil. According to Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian, this Psalm works to make God feel sorry for us.

Saint Kyriaki the Seventh Life

Holy Sunday the seventh life and how he martyred 2 ′. Agia Kyriaki was the daughter of Dorotheos and Eusebia.

What is the Honest Gown

What is the Holy Gown of the Virgin where we Celebrate on the 2nd of July. The Holy Gown is the Coat of the Most Holy Theotokos Our Lady

Peter and Paul

Peter and Paul June 29. The First Throne Apostles

The Birth of the Righteous Forerunner

The Birth of the Holy Forerunner John the Baptist on June 24.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Lord and Animal Creator, emanating from the Father. 3 ′

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday. The Divine Apparition 1 ′ Of the meteoric days, the Monday dedicated to the Holy Spirit stands out.

Saint Luke

Saint Luke the Physician who celebrates on June 11. At the age of 70 he became archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea.

Ascension of the Lord

Ascension of the Lord. Ascending to Heaven and sitting at the Right Hand of the Father.

Saint Dorotheos

Saint Dorotheos, is celebrated on June 5. He was a shepherd who had the exact knowledge and truth, which is in the Law.

The Prayer to the Virgin Mary

The Prayer to Panagia Prousiotissa when we are in danger or something bad is approaching.

Honor Head Finding Memory

Memory of the Finding of the Head of Timios Prodromos 25 May. It appeared through the earth and shone like gold.

The 7 most famous Virgin Marys of Pontus

The 7 most famous Virgin Marys of Pontus. A trip to the Virgin of Pontia, with photos and their History.

Funeral Sequence

Funeral Sequence Anania Kousteni. In an atmosphere of pain, crush and Love, the common people attended the Funeral Service.

Prayer of Saint Isaac

Prayer of Saint Isaac of Syros. Read daily before bed.

Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness, psalm 50 in the Primary School. To be read by everyone every day.

The Evangelist John

The Evangelist John and the emergence of the miraculous powder.

Psalm 13 for protection

Psalm 13 for protection from a terrible demon.

Saint Ephraim

Saint Ephraim, the Protector and Miracle Worker.

Prayer to Saint Raphael

Prayer to Saint Raphael Nicholas and Peace. Short.

Saint George

Saint George the Great Martyr and Trophy Bearer. If the day coincides before the Resurrection, it is postponed to the Monday of Diakainisimos

Today black sky

Today black sky, today black day. They are the well-known verses from the Fate of Our Lady.

Today It Hangs On Wood

Today the earth you hang on the water hangs on the ground.

Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday, the Evangelist Matthew recounts what happened then. Jesus was in the house of Simon the leper

Fasting food

Fasting food that will fill you up! Food combinations, for Holy Week that could be done without oil

What is the Standing Hymn?

What is the Standing Hymn? It is a hymn of unattainable perfection, a hymn to the Virgin Mary.

What is the scale of Agios Ioannis

What is the scale of Agios Ioannis and its significance 2 '. The Climax, also known as the Climax of Paradise.

The Vespers of forgiveness

The Vespers of forgiveness. Another opportunity for man 2 ′

In order not to become civil

In order to avoid a civil war. PSALM 143

Lenten tahini soup

Lenten Mount Athos Lentil Soup in 20 ′. From the monk Nikitas of Mount Athos.

Psalm 17

Psalm 17 When there is an earthquake or a catastrophe, there is a flood and thunder.

What psalm are we reading?

Which psalm do we read for each occasion out of 150. According to Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian

What does the candle symbolize?

What does the candle symbolize in our lives? The light emitted by the candle symbolizes the light of Christ, the very presence of the Lord in our lives.

What is the difference between pure and pure wax?

What is the difference between 100% pure beeswax and beeswax! It is very important for the believer that the candles contain 100% pure beeswax

Red Wine and

Red Wine and 10 incredible benefits it offers, cleansing the blood, prevents the appearance of blood clots.

Recipe for convenient

Recipe for convenient. See by clicking here, the necessary preparation. Ingredients for the Recipe.

The Psalm

Psalm 117 to Christ, who will protect Greece. To stop the Barbarians before the borders of Chora


Fanouropita The traditional Asia Minor recipe with 9 ingredients. The Materials Needed

Agios Apostolos Andreas

Agios Apostolos Andreas the path of the First Called to Christ. the Apostle Andrew presented himself to God as a "probationary worker

The Entrances of the Virgin

The Entrances of the Virgin Mary on November 21. The fact that a woman entered the Holy of Holies. Because the Grace of God allowed it for Her Great Destiny

Saint John Chrysostom

Saint John Chrysostom. Prominent personality of Christianity, Great Father of the Church, Ecumenical Teacher

Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia

Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia. He was born in the faras of Cappadocia

Saint Nektarios

Saint Nektarios of Aegina or Nektarios of Pentapolis of Aegina. Here is a story. Perhaps the first of the Miracles of Saint Nektarios

Greetings To The Holy Cross

Greetings To The Holy Cross. We can read them every Friday and on the Feast of the Ascension.

prayer to the Virgin for help

Prayer to the Virgin Mary for help ′ 1 ′.

Miracle in Chonais

Miracle in Chonais Archangel Michael. The river turned back!

Octopus carpaccio

Octopus carpaccio 6 Servings. Put the octopus in a bowl and put the vinegar, wine, allspice

The Transfiguration of the Savior

The Transfiguration of the Savior, the Most High Jesus Christ. When they woke up, they saw a wonderful spectacle. The face of the Lord shone like the sun, and His garments were white as light.

Decapentism in Kythira

Decapentism in Kythira. In the past, decapentation took place in many monasteries, now it takes place only in Myrtidia, Agia Elesa and Agia Moni.

Who are the Archangels?

Who are the Archangels? The 8 Leaders of the Angelic Powers

Hymn to the Holy Archangels and the Celestial Powers

Hymn to the Holy Archangels and the Celestial Powers

How we incense

How do we incense in our Home, Incense Prayer What is the Prayer we say before incense?

Holy Communion Body and Blood of Christ

Holy Communion Body and Blood of Christ 1 ′. At your Last Supper, today, O God, receive me

Mount Athos Salad

Mount Athos Salad with Kritamos of the Holy Monastery of Xenophon.

Pure Virgin Despina

Pure Virgin Despina Hymn to the Blessed Virgin 7 ′. Ἄχραντε Θεοτόκε, Χαῖρε Νύμφη Ἀνύμφευτε.

That is dedicated

Dedicated by our Church every day of the 7th week.

Little Praying Canon

Little Praying Canon in the Most Holy Theotokos 47 ′. Oh Holy Mary save U.S.

3 The Memory of Finding the Head

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