Saint Arsenios and Saint Paisios Icon 20 X 26 cm Wooden Gold Plated

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Saint Arsenios and Saint Paisios Icon 20 X 26 cm Wooden Gold Plated.


Saint Arsenios and Saint Paisios Icon 20 X 26 cm Wooden Gold Plated

Saint Arsenios was born in 1840 in Cappadocia

He also had a brother named Vlasios His name was Theodoros later Fr. Arsenios.

At a young age they were orphaned, first by their father and a little later by their mother.

They were protected by their mother's sister, in Farasa.

But God saved things so that from a young age Theodore made the decision to become a monk.

After his significant salvation from certain drowning in the torrent Evkasis!

Because he was also present in his salvation the moral perpetrator, Vlasis's older brother, the Lord saved him from being influenced, so he became a great singer of Byzantine music.

To continue his studies in Nigde, he left for Smyrna.

There he learned well the Greek letters and the ecclesiastical, but also the Armenian and Turkish, as well as a little French!

Finishing his studies in 1866 (26 years old), passed through Farasa and Nigdi, where he said goodbye to his aunts.

In the same year (1866) he consecrated in the Holy Monastery of Flavians (Zinji-Dere) of Timios Prodromos.

There he soon became a monk, named Arsenios.

At that time, however, they needed teachers, so Metropolitan Paisios II ordained him a deacon and sent him to Farasa, to teach the abandoned children letters!

The Turks wanted the six Greek small villages to be illiterate, which is why Fr. Arsenios, because there was no other teacher, agreed to sacrifice his solitary silence.

At school he had no desks, but goat skins and so the Turks thought he was teaching the children to pray!

Other times he took them to the chapel of Panagia in Kanchi, inside a cave.

When he was thirty years old, in 1870, he was ordained an elder in Caesarea, with the title of Archimandrite, and received the blessing of the clergy.

Then he went to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage and since then the Pharisees called him Hatzefendis.

Agios Arsenios Church of Athens

Agios Paisios the Mount Athos

Paisios the Agioreite Agios Arsenios

Arsenios the Cappadocian

Agios Arsenios the Cappadocian saint

Agios Arsenios and Paisios


Arsenios and Agios Paisios Icon

Screen printing with Natural Wood corners

Cappadocian all-holy male

please Saint Arsenios Kokkalones

Arsenius Bones the thieves too

Agios Arsenios Bones them too

with Saint Arsenios

Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia

Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia

Saint Arsenius of Cappadocia

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Agios Arsenios and Agios Paisios

Saint Arsenios and Saint Paisios Icon 20 X 26 cm Wooden Gold Plated


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