Agios Kyprianos book Bios Sequences and wishes 64 p


Agios Kyprianos book Bios Sequences and Wishes 64 pages. Contains his Biography, the Holy Sequences and the Wishes against the Basque Country.

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Agios Kyprianos book Bios Sequences and wishes 64 p

Contains his Biography, the Sacred Sequences and the Greetings against Vasκboredom.

It's good to burn with it black incense, also known as Agios Kyprianos incense.

Soft Cover

Saint Kyprian was a rich, noble, philosopher from Carthage, Libya.

He lived in the years of Decius 249 to 251 AD. and practiced the magic art in Antioch.

Once upon a time, a pagan named Aglaida fell in love with a Christian virgin named Justa.

The girl did not respond to his love and he resorted to the famous magician Kyprianos.

But all the magical tricks of Kyprianos proved useless in the face of the constant denial of the Christian daughter.

Acknowledging the bankruptcy of his art, he burned his magic books before Bishop Anthimos, asking to be baptized and become a priest.

Indeed, he ascended all the hierarchical ranks and was finally elected Bishop of Carthage.

He also received Justa with him, whom he ordained a deacon, renaming Justina.

He showed apostolic zeal and that is why they sent him to Decius.

He was exiled to Antioch, where he was imprisoned and later to Nicomedia, where Claudius beheaded him along with Justin.

Their remains were received by devout Christians and transported to Rome, where they were buried on the most official hill of the city.

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Saint Kyprianos book

Agios Kyprianos book Bios Sequences and wishes 64 p


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