Anthimos Agiannanitis the life of 1913 - 1996


Anthimos Agiannanitis the life of 1913 - 1996. He was born in the village of Kallianoi in Corinth in 1913.

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Anthimos Agiannanitis the life of 1913 - 1996

His name was Konstantinos Zafeiropoulos of Charalambos and Vasiliki. He was born in the village of Kallianoi in Corinth in 1913.

At the age of five, he was orphaned by both parents. Flaming with the desire of solitary devotion, he left for Mount Athos in 1929 and submitted to Elder Gabriel († 1959), who was alone with his brother Michael († 1952), whom he served devotedly and did not stop saying that the two guardian archangels were for him.

At the festival of their hut, of Entrances of the Virgin, in 1930, became a monk. Since then he indulged with more zeal in the exercise of virtues and in the necrosis of ungodly passions. In 1933 he was ordained a deacon and in 1936 an elder.

He had a special love for studying. Books were his daily immersion, his only treasure. His strong memory helped him to memorize entire chapters of the Bible and the Holy Fathers.

His knowledge was not only theological. He knew history, philosophy, medicine well. His knowledge was impressive. He had a grace of speech, a kindness and delicacy that did not let you get tired. '

This is how we got to know him: he speaks gracefully, he tells stories of multi-valued Elders, rapists, ascetics, blessed before his possessors. He was confessing in Athens to my blessed mother, and the benefactor loved me very much. The blessed Elder Paisios († 1994) used to say “When Papa-Anthimos speaks, take notes. His words are wise, pure, full of divine grace ".

He devoted hours to daily divine worship, prayer and study. Also in hagiography, gardening, cooking, correspondence.

He relentlessly glorified the Almighty and Almighty God for the greatness of nature. He constantly praised the worshiper of the Most Holy Theotokos, who lived in her house and was hosted in her wonderful Orchard.

As a minister he shone like an angel. The temple had an earthly paradise.

She did not tire him, she was always happy. He talked to the saints. For the Orthodox faith he could easily shed his blood.

As the people of Mount Athos are accustomed to living, he woke up every morning as if it were the first day of his life and every night he leaned forward as if it were his last. He always lived with the perspective of eternity. He was shocked by the thought of coming out of this life, for which he was always preparing.

He said: “Our mind must turn to the search for God and constantly remember the final judgment of our Righteous Lord. Thus only our passions are soothed and annihilated. The memory of death is inextricably linked to the fear of God… ".

He foresaw its end. After a serious injury he had, from falling in the garden of his yard, taking care of the arbor, he was transported to a hospital in Thessaloniki, where he surrendered his spirit to his Maker, who as a child happily served on 28.6.1996.

He was buried on the Sunday of the hermitage, where for half a century and more he served with his entourage and was buried in her cemetery.

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Anthimos Agiannanitis

Anthimos Agiannanitis the life of 1913 - 1996


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