Saints silk rosaries 100 Archangels Cell

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Mount Athos rosaries silk 100 arias. They are made from the Holy Cell of the Holy Archangels in Karyes. It is in colors Purple/Blue/Black


Saints silk rosaries 100 Archangels Cell

They are made from the Holy Cell of the Archangels in Karyes. The handicrafts of the Monks are authentically woven by hand.

This is an aid prayers for monks, clergy and lay people of the Orthodox Christian religion.

All Orthodox monks and many lay people have rosaries usually woolen and knitted in various sizes.

It usually is braided of wool to symbolize that all believers are the rational sheep of Jesus Christ, and it is black in color to symbolize the mourning of sins.

It ends in a tassel whose purpose is to wipe them of tears.

The 33 knots symbolize the years of Jesus, 99 times 33 multiplied by the number of persons of the Holy Trinity and

each knot of 9 braided crosses, symbolizing the nine orders of angels.

As eprayer rug used when each time the prayer is said (usually a short wish) we count a knot.

This way the number of repetitions or the passage of time can be controlled.

Some rosaries have beads every 33, 50 or 100 knots.

Each time a bead is measured the person praying does something else, the point of the cross, "repentance" or change the form of the prayer.

It is not considered necessary, but it is an optional aid. Those who have advanced to the Wish of Jesus consider it unnecessary, but recognize its usefulness.

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Purple, Blue, Black



Mount Athos rosaries

Saints silk rosaries 100 Archangels Cell

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