Antidote 160 p

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Antidoro 160 pages. Texts through which the author gives a speech not catechistic, but deeply experiential.

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Antidote 160 p

Pain, loneliness, uncertainty, have become features of the distant from God and the near man of modern times, leaving indelible scars in his soul.

The texts of this torment are addressed to this suffering man. Texts Orthodox experiential and self-knowledge.

Texts through which the author gives a speech not catechistic, but deeply experiential, a speech that is effort after effort and pain from pain.

And for that, in the heart of the suffering man of Aleppo andρcan become a comforting balm, like a simple gift from the bottom of our hearts.

Preface 9
Church, our mother 13
The shame of fruitlessness 35
It was completed 47
In the middle of winter 59
The donation of the next day 79
The Virgin of Pain 87
If you become saints, you will save your children 103
Behold your Mother… 123
The time of repentance 129
Come receive the light! 139
Come, Lord Jesus… 153

The antidote book

antidoro fasting

dreamer antidote

What do we do with the old antidote

Who should not eat antidote

The antidote may spoil

what cause it can spoil

to spoil the antidote and

spoil what I do Can

Greek etymology Etymology

What it is and what it symbolizes

Antidote What is and what

It spoils the counter-gift

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Antidote 160 p


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