Elder Joseph the Hesychast 64 p


Elder Joseph the Hesychast 64 pages He was born on February 12, 1897 in Lefkes, Paros.

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Elder Joseph the Hesychast 64 p

He was born on February 12 1897 in Lefkes, Paros.

His parents were George and Maria Kotti.

He was the third of seven children in his family.

Little Francis was orphaned very early by his father and so his mother Maria took over the protection of the whole family.

Until his adolescence he remained in the village, helping his mother and family in various chores to make a living.

He attended school until the XNUMXnd grade.

He served his term in the Navy and then at the age of about 23, he left Paros for Piraeus, where he worked as a peddler in Piraeus and Athens.

Due to his lack of education, he began to read the lives of saints and ascetics on his own, which aroused his special enthusiasm.

He practiced this enthusiasm especially in the mountains of the then uninhabited Penteli, where he spent the night praying in caves or on trees, as the old ascetics used to do, as a stylist.

Then, he decided to go to Mount Athos to be a monk.

His teaching and his intellectual work is preserved in 65 of his letters, published by the Holy Monastery of Philotheos, as well as in a number of books of various publications.

The period of his presence in Mount Athos, is the time of lack of spiritual guides, who were able to teach Noera

Prayer in connection with the purification of the heart and mind from the passions, in an essential way and not in the legalistic nature of the observance of Christian duties.

Even the numbers of monks were very small in the various monasteries.

The manning of six holy monasteries and the spiritual rebirth of Mount Athos, but also of many nunneries in Greece, owes to Elder Joseph the Hesychast.

οσιος ιωσηφ ο ησυχαστης, ιωσηφ ο ησυχαστης, όσιοσ ιωσήφ ο ησυχαστής,
Saint Joseph the Conqueror,
οσιοσ ιωσηφ ο ησυχαστης,
οσιοσ ιωσηφ ησυχαστης,
ο οσιος γεροντασ μου ιωσηφ ο ησυχαστης,

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Elder Joseph the Hesychast

Elder Joseph the Hesychast 64 p


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