Engolpion of Great Lent 320p Holy Trinity Monastery

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Engolpion of Great Lent 320p Holy Trinity Monastery. A book, with all the Sermons of the Night of Great Lent.

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Engolpion of Great Lent 320p Holy Trinity Monastery

A book, with all its Sequences Day and night of Great Lent, which will surprise you with its practicality.

Why, it has a small shape and at the same time it is detailed and complete! Hoρίs references to other pages and without unnecessary elements.

A diligent and long-term work, by the fathers of the Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Sparmos, Olympus, which will facilitate the cantor and the priest.

And of course, every believer will be able to have it with him in Masses and in the temple and at home.

14×21 format, 320 pages

Ecclesiastical Enlightenment Following Vespers

Vespers of the Liturgy of Great Lent

the Ecclesiastical Eniausion Vespers Service

An introduction to the Evening Orth Liturgy

they passed the Ecclesiastical Episcopal Order

of the glorious Resurrection after those Calophonics

containing all the Ecclesiastical eniaussion

Orthro Liturgy of Great Lent and

Following the Vespers of the Great Liturgy

Great Lent and

of the Consecrated Gifts

of Holy Week

in capital letters

modern greek studies

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Engolpion of Great Lent

Engolpion of Great Lent 320p Holy Trinity Monastery


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