Icon of the Virgin Mary Platytera wooden Gilded 20X26

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Icon of the Virgin Mary Platytera wooden Gilded 20X26. It is specially treated with varnish to have maximum durability.


Icon of the Virgin Mary Platytera wooden Gilded 20X26

The image is wooden, flat in classic ecclesiastical varnish design with special technique which makes it more brilliant than gold printing.

With a traditional red border and made of MDF wood makes it durable over time.

It is specially treated and varnished to have maximum resistance to time and damage.

Platytera is usually depicted seated on a throne, holding him in her arms Jesus Christ child, having a cloud under his feet.

But many times it is also performed in a standing position with arms outstretched and slightly raised

The name comes from the characteristic verse of the megalynarius of the liturgy of the Great Basil theotokion of the article of the Sunday of pl. d' sound

Rejoice in you, Kecharitomen, all creation, the system of angels, and the human race, sanctified temple, and Paradise logical, virginal boast, from her God became incarnate, and a child of fact, our God who existed before ages.

For the womb, a throne he wrought, and the stomach, wider than the heavens, he wrought. All creation rejoices in Thee, Graceful One, glory to Thee.

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Icon of Panagia Platytera

Icon of the Virgin Mary Platytera wooden Gilded 20X26


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