The Power of the Name of the Metropolitan of Diocletia 12th edition

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The Power of the Name of the Metropolitan of Diocletia 12th edition. The decision to try to be a Christian.

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The Power of the Name of the Metropolitan of Diocletia 12th edition

The decision to try to be a Christian is not a decision of weakness and withdrawal.

It is a decision of strength, substantial extroversion and constant struggle.

In this process, which begins with our unconscious integration into the body of the Church at our baptism and is renewed when we consciously decide to remain members of it.

Invoking the name of Christ is the strongest bacterium, the most essential support, the most correct guide, the most complete protection.

Our purpose as Christians in this life is for our words to be identified with the words uttered by Christ himself, it is our life to become one with His own, our breath one with the divine Breath that sustains the whole world.

This book is a comprehensible reading for those who believe in the possibility of improving their spiritual life through and invoking the name of Christ.

As stated in the book's epilogue:

Prayer is action. I pray means I act to the highest degree ", this is true for the Prayer of Jesus as for no other…

The Invocation of the Name, when done correctly, introduces each person deeper into the work he has shouldered, making him more efficient in his movements.

Without cutting him off from others but by connecting him with them and offering him a unique sensitivity to the fears and worries of his fellow human beings, such as you never had before.

Mental Prayer transforms each of us into a "man for others", a living instrument of God's peace, a dynamic center of reward

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The Power of the Name of the Metropolitan of Diocletia 12th edition


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