The New Testament original text 448 pages


The New Testament original text 448 pages The Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is, the good news that the Son of God became man

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The New Testament original text 448 pages

In fact, there is a gospel: the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is, the good news that the Son of God became man, to make every man a son of God.

For this, the four books, which narrate the events of the earthly life and action of Christ, Christians called them gospels.

Because there is only one gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is written in four different forms, we do not say

"The gospel of Matthew", "of Mark", "of Luke" and "of John", but "the gospel of Matthew" (ie the gospel of Christ, according to Matthew = according to Matthew)

"According to Mark", "according to Luke" and "according to John".

These four books are also called "the fourfold gospel" or "fourfold angel".

The oldest of the four gospels is the one according to Mark. The holy evangelist Mark was a disciple of the apostle Peter, but his mother was a disciple of the Lord.

The descent of the Holy Spirit had taken place in her house, fifty days after the resurrection of Christ, and probably the Last Supper also took place there.

Mark, as a child, must have known Christ and is probably the "youth" who had secretly followed Christ and His disciples after the Last Supper wrapped in a sheet and saw the arrest of the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Mark himself mentions this in chapter 14 of the Gospel of Mark, in verses 51-52.

The evangelist Matthew is one of the 12 apostles and, in order to write the gospel, it is obvious that he also used the source according to Mark, to which he added his own information, starting from the birth of Christ.

His gospel was written second, but he entered the New Testament collection first, because he begins to tell the story of Jesus Christ, not just from His birth, but from a list of His ancestors (of His genealogy),

which was necessary for his Jewish readers to understand that Jesus was a genuine Jew and not someone of unknown origin.

Of course, the ancestors mentioned by St. Matthew are the ancestors of St. Joseph, the Virgin's fiancé, but from Joseph's grandfather and back to Abraham, they are also the ancestors of the Virgin, that is, of Christ.

The evangelist Luke was a physician, close friend, and associate of the apostle Paul.

Maybe he was also a disciple of Paul. But in one sense he was one of the 70 disciples of Christ mentioned by Luke himself in chapter 10 of the Gospel of Luke,

and in fact he may be one of the two apostles who met the Lord after His resurrection on the road to Emmaus, which Luke also mentions in the last chapter of his book.

St. Luke used the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Matthew as sources, but he supplemented it with a lot of information, beginning with the story of Christ from a very early age, from the Annunciation of the Virgin, and even further back, from the pregnancy of St. Elizabeth. , mother of St. John the Baptist.

Luke is the evangelist who gives the most information about the Virgin Mary and the childhood of the Lord and philologists believe that he met the Virgin Mary and received information from her.

The ancient tradition of the Church says that Saint Luke was the first to paint the Virgin Mary and her holy figure was left in history by some of her ancient icons, illustrated by the evangelist Luke.

The evangelist John is one of the 12 disciples of the Lord and in fact the youngest, to whom it seems that the Lord showed a somewhat increased affection and protection, which is why, as John himself writes, he was the "beloved disciple Of Jesus.

St. John wrote the gospel after the other three evangelists and it seems that he wanted to complete their own narratives, which is why he mainly narrates episodes that are missing from the other three gospels.

The Gospel of John is written in a philosophical way, because it was probably addressed to readers with a philosophical education. He begins his narration (like Mark) from the baptism of Christ, that is, when the Lord is about 30 years old,

although in the preface of the gospel John gives some very important information about the Deity of Christ, about His eternal existence close to God the Father and about His mission to the world.

There he calls Christ "Word" and "Only begotten Son" of God, names with deep meaning, which play a key role in the Church's teaching about Him. That is why the evangelist John is characterized Saint John the Theologian.

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The New Testament original

The New Testament original text 448 pages


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