The Soul after Death 434 p

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The Soul after Death 434 pages This book is addressed to modern man who stands in embarrassment in the face of the fact of death.

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The Soul after Death 434 p

This book is addressed to the modern man who stands in embarrassment in the face of the fact of death.

It presents its two thousand years of teaching Eastern Orthodox Church about the reality of the other world.

Compared to modern ones posthumous experiences, as described by various interpreters.

Thus the reader becomes a communicant of truth, which, nowadays, is perverted by the worldly spirit and heresies.

The arguments presented come from her wealth paternal tradition and are intended to free man from his selfishness, so that he may know God and His love.


The modern phenomenon of "Posthumous experiences" 19
The "extracorporeal experience" 27
Meeting others 33
The "luminous existence" 45

The Orthodox teaching about angels 49

Appearances of angels and demons at the time of death 65

The modern experience of seeing "Paradise" 81

The aerial world of spirits 93
The original nature of man 94
The fall of man 95
Contact with fallen spirits 97
The opening of the senses 101
The danger of contact with spirits 105
Some practical tips 106
Conclusion 109

The air customs 113
How to understand customs 116
Paternal testimonies for the customs 121
Customs in the lives of the Saints 129
A modern experience of customs 134
The experience of customs before death 137
The partial crisis 140
Customs: Lydia Stone of the authentic posthumous experience 141
The teaching of Bishop Theophanes the Enclosed about customs 144

"Extracorporeal" experiences in the occult literature 147
The Tibetan Bible of the Dead 149
The works of Emanuel Svendborg 152
The "stellar field" of theosophy 158
"Stellar projection" 161
"Star Trek" 170
Conclusions on the "extracorporeal world" 184
A Few Comments on Reincarnation 194

True Christian Experiences of Paradise Where Paradise and Hell Are "207"
Christian experiences of Paradise 215
Characteristics of the true experience of Paradise 227
A few words about the visions of hell 232

The meaning of modern "posthumous" experiences. What do modern posthumous experiences "prove" 241
The connection with the occult 245
The occult teaching of modern researchers 252
The message of modern "posthumous" experiences 257
The Christian attitude towards death 263

Summary of the Orthodox teaching on the course of the soul
after death 275
The afterlife under Archbishop Ioannis Maximovic 276
The beginning of spiritual vision 280
Encounters with spirits 281
The first two days after death 283
The customs 286
The forty days 290
The state of souls until the final judgment 291
Prayers for the Dead 294
What we can do for the dead 297
The Resurrection of the Dead 300

The Orthodox Teaching of St. Mark of Ephesus about
of the state of the soul after death 303

First speech: "Of the most venerable metropolitan of Ephesus, Mr. Markos Eugenikos.
Objection of the Latin capitals to these propositions, about him
Perkatoriou Pyros »307
Translation of the first speech 319
Second speech: "Of the wisest and most learned Mr. Mark of Eugenikos.
Apology to the Latins on Monday in the report of the Greeks
The true glory of the Church ”331
Second speech translation 333

Some recent orthodox testimonies on the subject
of life after death 337
The mystery of death and its afterlife
Father Ambrose Fontrier 337
the big bet between believers and unbelievers
of Fotis Kontoglou 339
Incidents of the appearance of the 'dead in its modern Moscow
Fr. Dimitri Dudko 345

Response to a critic 351
The "contradictions" of the Orthodox literature on the issue of its status
of soul after death 355
There is indeed the "extracorporeal" experience or the "other world" where
do souls live? 361
Does the soul sleep after death? 366
Are customs "fantastic"? 372

Conclusion 393
Annex to the second edition 401
A few words about the author 417
Bibliography 425

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Meeting loved ones after death

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After death what follows

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The Soul after Death

The Soul after Death 434 p


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