Incense of Agia Anna 15 gr Mount Athos


Agia Anna incense 15 g Agioreitiko. From the Holy Entrance Cell of the Virgin. AVAILABLE FROM FEBRUARY 1, 2023


Incense of Agia Anna 15 gr Mount Athos

Traditional Mount Athos Muskothymiama from Hermitage of Agia Anna. From the Holy Entrance Cell of the Virgin. Each can weighs 15 g.

First We Crucify Him Three Times in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

When we begin to burn incense in our House in the morning, we say the following prayer to the Authority in front of the image of our Christ

Let my prayer be set forth as incense before you, my hands, the evening sacrifice, hear me, Lord.

Incense offered to you, Christ our God, in the fragrance of spiritual fragrance;

Then we say 3 times:

The name of the Holy Trinity is great

Most Holy Theotokos, Virgin Mary, cover Us

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Muscovite hymnographers

Mount Athos incense

Monastic incense

Charcoal powder

Incense sacred cell of the birth of the Virgin of Mount Athos


Incense paste

Hermitage of St. Anne

Dormition of the Mother of God Little Saint

Theotokos Mikras Agias Anna Agiou

of the Theotokos Mikra Agia Anna

Mikras Agia Anna of Mount Athos

Hermitage of Agia Anna Athos

muntele athos schitul sf ana

la muntele athos schitul sf

tamaie de la muntele athos

Description Additional Information

Anna, cheers

Agia Anna's Skete Mass

Little Saint Anna

of Agia Anna

Mass of the Holy Monastery of Agia Anna

Holy Skete of Agia Anna Agios

Holy Entrance Cell of the Virgin

Skete of Agia Anna Mount Athos

Dormition of the Virgin

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Weight M / D
Dimensions 5x5x1 cm

Evening Primrose, Myrrh, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Cypress, Fuzzy, Spikenard, Rose, Bethlehem, Lemon Blossom, Jerusalem, Gardenia, Desert Flower, Byzantine, Athonic, Cherub



Incense of Saint Anna

Incense of Agia Anna 15 gr Mount Athos

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