Mount Agios Archangelos Gardenia Incense 50g


Mount Agios Archangelos Gardenia Incense 50g. They produce highly aromatic incense 140g per Kilo.

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Mount Agios Archangelos Gardenia Incense 50g

In the Cell of the Archangels located on the road to the Vatopedi Monastery have a long tradition and experience in making incense.

They produce high content in incense aroma 140gr per Kilo in a fully equipped laboratory where they manufacture over forty perfumes in the traditional way.

They strictly preserve the natural fragrances and ecclesiastical compositions used by churches and monasteries during Byzantium.

Frankincense price per kilo see here

First We Crucify Him Three Times in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

When we start to incense our House in the morning, we say the following prayer to the Authority in front of the image of our Christ

Let my prayer go forth as incense before you, the lifting up of my hands, an evening sacrifice, hear me, Lord.

Incense offered to you, Christ our God, in the fragrance of spiritual fragrance, the one received in your heavenly Altar, reflects on the grace of your Holy Spirit.

Then we say 3 times:

The name of the Holy Trinity is great

Most Holy Theotokos, Virgin Mary, cover Us

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Mount Athos Gardenia Incense

Mount Agios Archangelos Gardenia Incense 50g


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