Censer Nickel Plated 12 cm 9902N


Incense holder Nickel plated 12 cm Small nickel plated household incense holder with saucer.

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Censer Nickel Plated 12 cm 9902N

Mikro nickel-plated home censer with saucer.

The incense burner, where the coals are burned and the incense is placed, symbolizes the abdomen of the Virgin, which received in its bowels bodily the Deity, which is fire was consumed

Without wear or deterioration. According to Saint Germanos, Patriarch of Constantinople

Ο censer indicates the humanity of Christ, the fire the divinity and the fragrant smoke sues the fragrance of the Holy Spirit preceded.

Ecclesiastical incense

Ecclesiastical incense

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Household incense

Grave incense

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Incense Nickel plated

Censer Nickel Plated 12 cm 9902N


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