Incense Ceramic Oil 10 cm


Incense Ceramic Oil 10 cm. The incense burner, where the coals are burned and the incense is placed, symbolizes the belly of the Virgin.

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Incense Ceramic Oil 10 cm

The incense burner, where the coals are burned and the incense is placed, symbolizes the abdomen of the Virgin, who physically accepted in her womb the Deity, who is "consumed by fire"

"THE censer indicates the humanity of Christ, the fire the deity and the fragrant smoke sue the fragrance of the Holy Spirit ahead "

Without being damaged or damaged. According to Saint Germanos, Patriarch of Constantinople

When we begin to burn incense in our House in the morning,  we say in the Beginning in front of the image of our Christ the following prayer

Let my prayer be made as incense before you, my hands, my sacrifice in the evening, hear me, O Lord.

Incense we offer to you, Christ our God, in the smell of spiritual fragrance, the one received in your heavenly Altar, reflect me in the grace of your Holy Spirit.

Then we say 3 times:

The name of the Holy Trinity is great

Most Holy Theotokos, Virgin Mary, Skepa Imas

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Incense Ceramic Oil

Incense Ceramic Oil 10 cm


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