Mount Athos Incense 1 Kilo of the Holy Monastery of Docheiariou


Mount Athos Incense 1 Kilo of the Holy Monastery of Docheiariou. Which is available in different sizes as well as different perfumes.


Mount Athos Incense 1 Kilo of the Holy Monastery of Docheiariou

First We Crucify Him Three Times in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Excellent Muscoviteone of the Holy Monastery of Docheiariou which is available in various sizes as well as various fragrances.

When we start incense our House in the morning, we say the following prayer to the Authority in front of the image of our Christ

Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; the pride of my hands is an evening sacrifice, hear me, O Lord.

Incense offer to you, Christ our God, in the fragrance of spiritual fragrance;

Then we say 3 times:

The name of the Holy Trinity is great

Most Holy Theotokos, Virgin Mary, cover Us

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In the context of the written and oral tradition in our Church, incense is included as a kind of worship element. In particular, the incense was ordered and joined in the Worship by God Himself, by order of God the Father to Moses, during the march of the people of Israel to the Promised Land, Canaan. It is combined and established with the construction of the Tent of Martyrdom, as a place of Worship of God, where incense held a central place, in the Holy of Holies or before their entrance. God commanded Moses how to build this Tent and what to put in it.

The altar of incense is mentioned in the Book of Exodus ch. LD (30):

"And poems of an altar of incense made of aseptic wood", verse 1.

That is: You will make an altar in the Tent, from wood that does not rot, where the incense will burn.

However, the order given for the construction of the altar of incense was not enough.

God proceeded with other orders - tips, to complete this work.

Proceeded still and in the liturgical process and offering of the altar.

God ordained and commanded Moses the following:

a. What unique materials are used to make incense. lyrics 34.

"Receive in them sackcloth, ashes, onyx, halva of edema and transparent Lebanon, equal to equal."

That is: Make sure you get the following valuable fragrances: Stactin, resin like cinnamon oil. Onyx, fragrant shell from the Red Sea. Halvani, fragrant gum from a Syrian plant. Lebanon, gum from the dense deciduous plant Lebanon. You will get an equal amount from each one.

b. How to make incense and only by experts. lyrics 35.

"Poetry in it incense, myrrh-like work of myrrh, mixed, pure, holy work".

That is: The incense will be made by expert and experienced perfumers, a vintage aromatic mixture, pure without other substances. It will be a sacred construction, intended for sacred use.

c. He gave a specific characterization of incense. lyrics 36.

"Concerns therefore for the moment and for the testimonies of the martyrs in the scene of the martyrdom, from thence we will be known from there; the saint of the saints is hymn".

That is: You will cut it and pound it into thin pieces and put them opposite the sanctuaries utensils in the tabernacle where I will be known to you. Saint of them saints it will be this incense for you.

d. Set the time of use of it, during the day. lyrics 7-8.

"Incense upon it Aaron incense in the last minute; in the morning, when I repair the lamps, incense on it;

That is: Aaron will offer on the altar small pieces of incense made of various substances. He will incense at the altar early every morning, when he prepares the lamps for the seven-light lamp.

It will also resemble after sunset, when the lights come on. This incense will be continually offered before the Lord to all other generations.

e. Prohibit the use of incense for other purposes. lyrics 37.

"Incense in the same composition do not sing hymns to yourselves; holy is the hymn of the Lord."

That is: You are not allowed to make incense similar to this mixture for yourself. This incense must be considered holy and unique, as offered to the Lord.

Attention! Αγ Holiness is offered through sacrifice to our Holy God.

We owe it…

"God is pleased with such sacrifices", Heb.

C. Symbols of incense

Her tradition Church us, as described further above, received as a continuation of the P. D., through the divine Law of Moses. But he also gave special specifics symbolisms to whom reverent respect is paid by the faithful. In addition, the Church also gave us spiritual symbols to incense, which are worth remembering.

Identified symbolisms, are mentioned:

It symbolizes Prayer. The one who goes up to God, like Frhelper of incense, the fragrant one smoke. It is the manifest course of the soul, with the expectancy acceptance by God.

"Let my prayer be directed, as incense before you", Ps. ρμ΄2.
It is predicted that incense will be burned at the time of our Prayer.

It symbolizes the fiery tongues of fire on Pentecost.

For the burning Musk, he says that we offer it to God, as "Odor of fragrance".

God, "receiving this into the heavenly altar," reflects on us, "the grace of the Holy Spirit."

At the time of incense:

We owe it to Mrwe are reverently the head, as sample acceptance of Aunt Charitos.

Its fragrance Musk, symbolizedi our hymnology to the above, to God.

The pleasant feeling that us occupies, fills our heart with aunt epleasure. Then, it also transforms us into the "fragrance of Christ".

The faithfull against the Apostle Paul, we offer ourselves as:

"Smell of fragrance, sacrifice accepted, pleasing to God".

(Φιλιπ. Δ΄18)

This worship medium creates an all-encompassing atmosphere of prayer and attracts the holy grace of God.

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Mount Athos Incense

Ier Kel Timou Stavrou Moskothymiama

Kel Timiou Stavrou Moschothimiama gr

Mount Athos musk

Timiou Stavrou Moschothimiama gr Hier

Stavrou Moschothimiama gr Ier Tel

Moschothimiama gr Ier Kel Timiou

gr Ier Kel of the Holy Cross

Mount Athos incense

Mount Athos Incense of IMOSius Grigoriou

Mounts of Incense of IMOSius Grigorios Agios

Incense of St. Gregory of Mount Athos

Gregory of Mount AthosAvailable in variety

Premium quality musk from

Monastery of Saint Gregory of Mount AthosAvailable

Mount AthosAvailable in a variety of fragrances

Saint Gregory of Mount AthosAvailable in

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 14x28x5 cm

Honeysuckle, Athonic, Lemon blossom, Desert flower, Bethlehem, Violet, Byzantine, Gazia, Gardenia, Carnation, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Carnation, Amber, Cypress, Magnolia, Mastic, Myrrh, Spikenard, Pantanassa, Lilac, Platytera, Sparta, Rose, Cherub, Acacia, Beeswax, Orange Blossom, Mix, Myrna



Mount Athos Incense 1 Kilo

Mount Athos Incense 1 Kilo of the Holy Monastery of Docheiariou

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