Micron Euchologion 520p (large format)


Micron Euchologion 520p (large format). Contains Sequences of Sanctification, Blessing, Baptism, Engagement, Wedding, return to Orthodoxy.

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Micron Euchologion 520p (large format)

The new revised little wish list.

This useful edition contains Sequences of Sanctification, Baptism, return to Orthodoxy from the Roman Catholic Church, Engagement, Wedding, Blessing, etc.

It also contains Sequences and Wishes for various occasions.

Finally, it contains a short holiday calendar and instructions for the proper commemoration of the Saints.

The Bishop of Phanarios was in charge Agathangelos, General Director of the Apostolic Ministry.

Short eulogium pdf

Short eulogy of apostolic ministry pdf


Ecclesiastical eulogium

A small wish log or agiasmatarion

camped on resting water

in fairness to the name

on water rest nurture

on tribs of justice eneken

rubs of justice owed to him

water of rest nourish me

The Lord shepherds me and nothing

Small happy little shape

Micron Euchologion large shape

shape of a small greeting card

me and the

camped on water rest nurture

he encamped me on the water of rest

on the water of rest nurture me

a grassy place there he encamped me

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A little blessing

Micron Euchologion 520p (large format)


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