Nama Byzantine 375ml Without added sugar


Nama Byzantine 375ml Without added sugar. It has the lowest possible acidity, so it is ideal for long-term use

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Nama Byzantine 375ml Without added sugar

Wine for church as they usually call it.

It is the wine that does not accept any addition of water or other ingredient nama byzantine blue label. From Moschato Tyrnavos.

With respect at the suggestion of many fathers of our church, and wanting to satisfy their long-standing need for a specialized wine.

Taking into account the perennial unfavorable combination of starch and acid for the priests, we aimed at the production of a specialized ecclesiastical wine.

It has the lowest possible acidity values, and thus be ideal for long-term use, as among dozens of Greek varieties we chose as the most ideal variety of Tyrnavos muscat.

To produce a purple and fragrant wine, which is dominated by the characteristic fruity taste of muscat grapes.

We wanted Nama Byzantino to maintain a low alcohol level, so as not to make the priests dizzy after the ablution of the saints.

At the same time, it should have a high content of natural sugars, so that it remains sweet even after the addition of boiling water.

Try Nama Byzantine, and give it a chance to relax you.

We tried and made the best for you. Because in the glass of life we ​​must offer the best.

Oenological Characteristics:

Alcohol Degree: 10% Vol

Since several priests ask us if sugar has been added to the wine, and point out that they would prefer a less sweet wine, we would like you to know the following.

Nama Byzantine contains exclusively natural grape sugars.

This is something that anyone can very easily check in an oenological laboratory.

We strive for this high sweetness, because such a sweet wine manages to maintain its stability against re-fermentation, without the need to add other substances.

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Nama Byzantine

Nama Byzantine 375ml Without added sugar


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