Package of Agios Kyprianos 2 pieces

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Package of Agios Kyprianos 2 pieces. The package contains exactly what one needs against gossip and any negative energy.

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Package of Agios Kyprianos 2 pieces

The package contains exactly what one needs against tongue-eating and any negative energy.

1 Box Black incense

1 Special occasion prayer book

Black incense, also known as Agios Kyprianos incense.

Very powerful for cleansing negative energy, dissolving magic and tongue-eating.

It is prepared on Mount Athos in Holy Cell of the Holy Archangels by special procedure and used in special cases.

Use it when lit. Msrvounaki and pass with the incense burner all your space with open windows so that the smoke leaves together with anything negative, while reading the wishes through the special prayer book.

The prayer book states which prayers you should read in each case

Its aroma is very sweet and leaves the space with a sense of purity.

Special Occasions Prayer A 432 p.

A prayer book for various circumstances and difficulties of daily life, especially of modern man, so afflicted by his removal from the namas of the Faith.

Based on the tradition of Theoforos, Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia.

Prayer for the tongue of Saint Cyprian,

Prayer for the eye of a holy carp,

Prayer of Saint Kyprian,

wish of holy cyprian,

Words for tongue-eating,

Free from tongue-eating,

Basque wish and tongue-eating Mount Athos,

A little prayer for the eye,

Black Incense Incense of Saint Kyprianou,

cleansing negative energy magic solution,

energy solution magic and tongue-eating,

Saint Kyprianou PrayerSolves the sorcery,

powerful for cleaning negative energy,

for cleaning negative energy solution,

negative energy magic solution and,

Kyprianou Very powerful for cleaning,

Very powerful for cleaning negative,

frankincense of holy cyprian,

holy cyprian black incense,

cyprian black incense,

Incense Black Incense,

daily package of spell candles,

spell candles package of Agios Kyprianos,

day package spell candles Saint,

of Agios Kyprianos,

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Agios Kyprianos Package

Package of Agios Kyprianos 2 pieces


2 in stock