Panagia Eptaspathi 20X14 Wooden Gold Plated


Panagia Eptaspathi 20X14 Wooden Gold Plated. The miraculous image "The Dismissed Hard Heart" has the grace to protect anyone who invokes it.

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Panagia Eptaspathi 20X14 Wooden Gold Plated

Η miraculous image "The Dismissal of the Hard Heart" has the grace to protect whoever invokes it, to stop any evil that threatens not only a believer but also the whole family.

The Virgin is depicted as sweet, at a young age, with three spears on her right shoulder and three on her left, which are held by her hands.

Η importance of each of the six spears is the conquest of a manifestation of the "evil":

1st MAGIC, negative influences - temptations.
2nd DISEASES - mental and psychological disorders.
3rd Problems in relation to MARRIAGE, FERTILITY and CHILDREN.
4th PERSONAL DISASTERS (accidents, travel hazards, etc.)
6th MISTAKES, INJUSTICES and FRAUD of all kinds.

The SEVENTH - CENTRAL SPEAR and unique with the handle down, miraculously touches between the hands of the Virgin, marking and neutralizing the COMMON HOME of the six spears.

The Mother of God is painted in an unusual place, alone, without the Divine Infant. It is pierced by seven arrows. There is the following story for this image:

A villager in the Kantokovsly district has suffered for many years from a general weakness and disability from the complications of an illness.

He saw who learned that he could be healed if he visited this church and found this image of the Virgin Mary in the bell tower.

He went there twice from his dream and asked to enter the belfry. The people in charge did not believe him and did not let him in.

Finally the third time, they took pity on him and allowed him to climb the spire.

Immediately he found the Holy Icon as he saw it in his dream.

The sick villager asked for a prayer to be chanted before her, immediately afterwards he was cured.

A long time passed without hearing anything about this image until 1830, when cholera appeared in the city of Vologda.

The terrified householders ran to the Queen of Heaven and took this image along with the image of seven cities.

They were carried around the city in a solemn litany of the Holy Cross.

The epidemic was markedly reduced and soon cholera completely disappeared.

From that moment the icon was glorified by many miraculous cures of patients.

When does panaia or heptaspathi celebrate?

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Panagia Eptaspathi Silkscreen

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Panagia Eptaspathi kanems Silkscreen xxcm

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Description Virgin Mary with

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Panagia Eptaspathi

Panagia Eptaspathi 20X14 Wooden Gold Plated


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