Pray Constantly with 2 Incomparable Holy Books

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Pray Constantly with 2 Incomparable Holy Books. The Holy Prayer Book and the Holy Psalm.


Pray Constantly with 2 Incomparable Holy Books

This Prayer book is not intended for the hymnal of the sacred temples but for personal use, in the "home church" and does not include all the formal provisions of the Sequences:

Contains the following

  • Sequences: Midnight, Orthros, Vespers, Lilac, Holy Communion.
  • Prayers: Morning, evening, various.
  • Small and Big Prayer Rule, Standing Hymn, Small and Big Dinner.
  • Troparion to the Holy Cross.
  • Theotokos of the eight sounds.


The 150 Psalms of the Prophet David is an Old Testament book and contains 150 psalms of David and others.

The Psalms are a book of the Old Testament and contain 150 psalms that are poetic texts of David and others, written over a period of many years 1st-5th c. e.g.

The psalms are peace of soul, speechα to God, gathering of angels and casting out demons, the voice of the Church that melodies.

The book of the Psalms contains all nine ode of the Old and New Testaments, which in the ancient sequence of Orthros were sung after the reading of the Gospel of Eothos.

Then each ode was accompanied by troparions; later only the troparions were sung and this set of troparions was the Rule.

Psalms of David

Pray Constantly with 2 Incomparables

with 2 Incomparable Holy Books

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Pray Constantly

Pray Constantly with 2 Incomparable Holy Books


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