Wooden neck cross 2,4 × 3,8 cm


Wooden neck cross 2,4 × 3,8 cm. It is also a symbol of victory against the devil's state and the forces of darkness.

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Wooden neck cross 2,4 × 3,8 cm

Cross ὁ guardian of all the Universe, Cross ὡ Beauty of the Church, Cross of kings the holding, Cross of the faithful the support, Cross of angels the glory and of the demons the trauma

Regarding his deeper symbolic approach Stavrou, as Professor P. Vasiliadis points out, the Cross was interpreted in the first Church:

a) prophetic, in relation to the martyrdom of the prophets,

b) eschatologically / apocalyptically, as the fulfillment of God's will, as reflected in the Scriptures;

c) dialectically, as a condition for the exaltation of Jesus,

d) thanksgiving / testament, in direct relation to the tradition of the Eucharist and

e) salvation, as death for the sake of all people, which renders inactive the bloody atoning sacrifice of the Temple.

The most disgraceful and humiliating death instrument thus becomes again a symbol of real sacrifice, which is not performed by man to appease the divine, but by God to save man.

It thus becomes a symbol of divine love, affection and salvation of the human race as it is founded from the beginning in the texts of K.D. the speech of the Apostle Paul εdegrees do not be born boast if not in the Cross of the Lord it sums up for me, so to speak, the relationship of the Christian to the sign of the Cross.

This relationship reaches in the cases of the saints until the choice of the way of their own death, since some, such as the Apostles Peter and Andrew, preferred to leave the present life with the death of the cross.

The symbol of the Cross is the highest "denunciation" of God's love for people. A great revelation is the Crucified Lord.

It is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. Thanks to the sacrifice of the Crucified, the war that the alienated man had declared against God, in creation, in his fellow man and in himself ended.

It is also a symbol of victory against the devil's state and the forces of darkness.

And the believer, in turn, opposes the devil and his methods because his Cross Lord  

                                                                                Ἀνηρέθης, ἀλλ 'οὐ διηρέθης, Λόγε, ῆς μετέσχες σαρκός.

O Lord, the temple speaks to you in the time of passion,

ἀλλά και οὕτω μία ἦν σταπόστασις τῆς θεότητος και τῆς σαρκός σου.

in both, for you are a Son,

Word of God, God and man.


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Wooden neck cross 2,4 × 3,8 cm

Wooden neck cross 2,4 × 3,8 cm


7 in stock