The Psalter Large Figure 208 p


The Psalter Large Form 208 pages. The psalms are peace of soul, speech to God.

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The Psalter Large Figure 208 p

The Psalms are a book of the Old Testament and contain 150 psalms that are poetic texts of David and others, written over a period of many years from the 1st to the 5th century BC.

The psalms are peace of soul, speechα to God, gathering of angels and casting out demons, the voice of the Church that melodies.

The book of the Psalms contains all nine ode of the Old and New Testaments, which in the ancient sequence of Orthros were sung after the reading of the Gospel of Eothos.

Then each ode was accompanied by troparions; later only the troparions were sung and this set of troparions was the Rule.

In the Vespers the 103rd psalm is read as a prelude to the Vespers sequence a seat of the Psalms; the psalms 140

Lord I cried, 141, 129, 116 in the last verses of which the psalms are sung verses tropes.

In Orthros is read the Six Psalms 3, 37, 62, 87, 102, 14 after 2 or 3 seats of the Psalter

Then the 18th seat where the 50th psalm is contained. It begins with the phrase Have mercy on God and is the psalm of Repentance and the Canon.

Normally, from the Sunday of Thomas until the 21st of September, a seat is read in the Vespers.

We start with that of Sunday, where the 1st seat and two seats in Orthros (the next in a row) are sung.

From September 22 to Prodigal Sunday, is read the 18th seat in the Vespers and three seats (of the rest) in Orthros.

  • The 50th psalm is called Mercy with God… of Repentance.
  • 103rd Bless my soul… is the Introductory (introductory) of Vespers.
  • The 118th Blessed are the innocent .. it is said Immaculate and is the largest: it is a Seat in itself.
  • Psalms 140 The Lord cried out… 141, 129, 116 are called Κεκρα Supreme.
  • 148 Praise the Lord… 149, 150 Praise God… are called Ainos. The last psalm ends with the verse Every breath I breathe the Lord

Listen to the Forgiving Psalm which is the 50th

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The Psalter Large Shape

The Psalter Large Figure 208 p


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