100 Deadly Skills 1 Survival Guide


100 Deadly Skills 1 US Navy Seals Survival Guide to Wildlife Survival and Disaster Management.

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100 Deadly Skills 1 Survival Guide

The US Navy Seals Business Guide for avoiding persecutors, escape and survival in any dangerous situation.

From the most remote locations to even our own backyard, danger and destruction can strike at any time, and survival depends on how well prepared you are and how well you know the enemy.

Ο writer The book is retired from the select US SEALs unit, and so this handbook draws on information from a secret agent's experience and unique skills to dramatically increase your chances of surviving, whether you face a terrorist executor or a revelation scenario.

The one hundred deadly skills described in the book are based entirely on minimal or no-tech tools because complex instructions are the last thing you need when you face an immediate danger, and they include.

Creating a backpack for everyday use

Avoid ambush

Escape from the trunk of a car

Making an improvised asphyxiating mask

Neutralization of digital monitoring devices

Cheat on face recognition software

Victory over an opponent with a knife.

Survival from a grenade attack

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Mission Preparation
- Penetration: Access to an enemy area
- Infrastructure Creation: Accommodation, Transport, Weapons
- Monitoring: Observation, Tracking and Anti - Monitoring
- Access: Secret Burglaries and Violations
- Collection of Audiovisual Information
- Operational Actions: Denial, Interruption, Neutralization
- Disinfection
- Unhooking and escape, How to disappear

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100 Deadly Skills 1 Survival Guide


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